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Here are some beautiful endeavours I would like to share with you, people who are out there in the world creating goodness and doing good deeds, sewing good seeds for the future.
So in *paying it forward* please share, contribute in some way or financially give if possible to some great endeavours directly through each website not here
(I do not receive anything for this) I simply wish to contribute to their endeavours.

ACE – Luxor, Egypt

Animal hospital, rescue centre, rehoming service and veterinary care and school.
A one handed woman who saw the pain and suffering of animals gave birth to an idea that has blossomed into a co-creation of enormous ongoing commitment to animal care and ongoing well being ,she is also helping to retrain ideas around animal care… not a small task in a deeply imbedded ways and culture.
She has her own charity shop now and goods are welcome if you are travelling to Luxor.
You can knit blankets for cats.
Financial help is always greatly received my heart fills for this fabulous endeavour.


Centrepoint – Beds for the Homeless – London

Centrepoint – Beds for the Homeless – London
Buy a bed for homeless people go to their website to pay for a bed
“There but for the grace of God go I”

Have you ever thought how easy it is to end up on the streets!?

We are all mostly living day by day, wave to wave, pay-cheque to pay-cheque.. if you do not have the luxury of family money, reserve money, savings or a big income that’s the reality for a lot of people.

If you lost your work, capacity to work, fell ill couldn’t manage the same way of life anymore?

Beautiful people are homeless, good souls beaten down by life, others, circumstances, abuse, neglect.

Raising Men Lawn Service – Madison USA

Rodney A. Smith Jr.

Supporting community care raising young men to be mindful, helpful and serve a purpose.


Railway children INDIA

Helping street children in India



Helping support working horses, donkeys and mules to veterinary care, help and supportive endeavours for ethical standards


Children’s Rescue Fund – New York, USA

Helping families stay together or support children


Ethical treatment of animals worldwide