Meditation and Sacred Words

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Please find the download link for a Soundbath soaking clip of music.
Let yourself immerse into silence as the music baths you into a deeply relaxing space of peace ,calm and unwinding.  Please try the sample below. 

Meditations and soundbaths to download and keep

(Each download is £3. You can pay with PayPal)

Ave Maria

The blessing of a name singing in the ancient ways of Carmelite orders in holy reverence


A call to the 4 archangels singing as a prayer and inviting them into our world


Angelic message of love, hope and a reminder that we are always loved

Into The Light

A spoken guided meditation into the sacredness of our own being and divine presence

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*With Love from the Universe * by Grace divine
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Louise Hay
The power is within you or you can heal your life. A beautiful lady who turned her life of pain and abuse to beauty and built an empire supporting millions through her life offering of love


Joel Osteen

Think better,live better or Your best life…A pastor with down to earth application of god’s love for us .


Tony Robbins

Unlimited power or Awaken the giant within….A giant soul who understood the importance of people helping people and grew an empire of love epic style.


Deepak Chopra

Meta human or Quantum healing. A wonderful teacher of deep values 

Rev Michael Beckworth

The answer is you…Reverend Beckworth agape minister

Byron Katie

Loving what is or A mind at home with itself.Creative author of self enquiry work


 Dalai Lama

The art of happiness or Book of wisdom.His holiness Buddha teaching ,wisdom,grace and smiles for miles laughter monk.

Recommended Listening through Amazon 

Beautiful soothing, inspiring and gentle music that soothes the soul and restores the spirit

Gratefully received & Thank you.



Snatum Kuar

The Beloved and Grace (lovely) albums


 Brandon Heath

Blue Mountain (Christian)


 Lucinda Drayton

Bliss any albums(spiritual)


Constance Demby


Light of this world,  Sanctum Santorium (cosmos)







Light of Aluna, Temple of the heart (sacred medicine music)