For Goodness Sake

The Podcast

Available every two weeks

My intention is to share tools of knowledge and wisdom with you that you may apply them to your own life circumstances guiding you to the know hows, your own intuitive inner wisdom and how to gain deeper clarity and insight into navigating this thing we call life.

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Bonus Podcast 

A storytelling life coaching session for the wounds of our collective and personal humanity and how we can learn to heal embrace and balance through loving kindness and setting ourselves and others free from the pains of the past.

Prayer – meditation to accompany “Shelter Dog Story”

April Podcasts

Meeting yourself in the now allowing the silence of Corona Virus lockdown and seeing who we want to become as we emerge the other side.

How we move through the unexpected changes personally and have faith in our own humanity and growth globally as we prepare for emerging through our Corona Virus experience.

“We are all in this together - Meditation”

by Cheaya Cheaya | 1.3 Meditation

Today’s message allows us to see each other with compassion, understanding and grace rising above judgements and criticism to empathy and awareness.

Today’s message allows us to learn new skills around the power of our mind, harnessing our thoughts and retraining our selves to become conscious about where thoughts lead us, re-evaluate our thinking strategies moving through the rainclouds of stagnant outworn patterns to the rainbows of our minds capacity to dream, create expand grow and evolve.

May Podcasts

Sacred words …embracing the new moments as we move into deeper transitions acceptance of what is through prayer and prose and the beauty that can be found in memories of our hearts story.

“Embracing the new Gestation”

by Cheaya Cheaya | 2.2

Everything in divine right season and the universal plan.

Divine timing, sewing seeds, rebirth, insight, patience

Healing and connecting with our christed higher consciousness.

Healing, prayer,blessing, meditation

Paying attention and embracing each other from afar.

Collective consciousness, caring, awareness, compassion, love in action, kindness

June Podcasts

Remembering and realigning with our inner intelligence and the service it provides for our life wisdom.

One family on earth meditation. Global unity

A blessingprayer to the ancestors and our own evolution.
Discovering our place in the story of life.

July Podcasts

Feeling into the energy of July and movement, how tonsillitis your own energy in the now.

Insights, how to move through our human ability to be an ass to our divinity to become an angel.

Staying true to yourselves, your intentions, your inherent goodness and inner compass.

September Podcasts

How to remain in love no matter what circumstances we meet in life to return to the power of love within us

Loving in the uncertain times and lighting up the world around us and letting light shine through us into the darkness surfacing in the world.

December Podcasts

Meditation prayer. Healing the collective wounds in ourself and each other
Overcoming our fears, motivating instead mothers and daughters to build empowered thinking strategies and how to take actions to erase fear of fear and embody your inner strengths