The Story of Us

Hello Everyone

It’s been a beautiful, truly organic, breathtaking and wonder-full magic carpet ride for me. It hasn’t been organised but I lived every breath with authenticity and wonder in my heart.
I couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world my gypsy bedoin roaming soul new that planet earth was so full of beauty and adventures to be found and I started young, following the call of my soul, spirit within me, my heart and divine presence.

I live every moment with child like enthusiasm and adult discernment.
This life has led me into its mystery, it’s calling, its wild and sometimes dangerous encounters growing me along the way, it has taken me into it’s deepest wisdom, my ancient remembering and the divinity in our humanity, so I may share with you a heart full of life experience, love, relationships with all the life.

I’ve explored the ancient truths of the sages, the saints, the mystics and visionaries in traditions around the globe. I have been blessed and gifted along the way into extraordinary encounters with the divine everywhere and the loving presence flowing through us to each other on the path as we unite and share tea and loads of laughter together.

My soul stirs always to be in service and my humanitarian heart has been following that story since I was 5 years old and I asked the universe…

“Why am I here” and it answered “To be kind“

I’ve been in the world but living it from a higher perspective which allows and gives a broader view of the hows and how not to do things, who and who not to be and how to be a master in the mayhem in me.

I know whatever and whoever we encounter on a daily basis we are always rooted in an unending sense and source of well-being.

Living through my inherent deep instinctual and intuitive self has been like a torch in the dark many times, these are not “magical” skills they are part of our true nature. The same as every creature on this planet and it is imperative to our united survival, I believe to remember and teach these skills to all. They are our inner compass always guiding us true north whatever we may meet in life.

This is now the new chapter in the book of my life and I would love to serve you by offering my insights, wisdom, life lessons and natural gifts of deeply connected guidance and encouragement. This will fill the pages of your story of life with deeper happiness, true joyous living, loving yourself, and being present with the mystery as she unfolds herself in you, for you and to you, so that you are not just “handling life” but loving life, not surviving but thriving.

Never stop dancing, singing, smiling, playing or allowing yourself to be spontaneous because these are the activities that keep us from death and breath new life into us, be inspired, be fired up, be creative.

Hans Christian Anderson
“Every life is a fairy tale written by the hand of God”

All love to the eternal,

For Goodness Sake – Mastery in the Mayhem.