The Wise Owls Club

Listen to inspiring true stories, testimonies, miracle events, true stories of grace, people blessing people, universal unexpected gifts and loads more.

Lots of sharing, laughter, lightheartedness and guests to uplift us, support us and offer life hacks and how-to knowledge that we can apply and live by.

These podcasts will be a collective invitation to enjoy deeper listening and discovery for you wise owls who are thirsty and hungry to deepen your life experience right now so let’s go for it. I’m ready are you?

These podcasts will include spoken word blessings, my own inspired prayers, my own meditations, ancient sacred words and poetry and offerings of love and wisdom from myself, friends, guest hosts and inspirational People around the globe who have many offerings to share and delight us.

Once a month investment upload time for the podcasts will vary.

Podcast…miracles in the making, storytelling
Podcast…miracles in the making, storytelling
Self-enquiry and presence
Blessing prayers
The mystery, destiny, Love


You can subscribe to this Club for £5 per month, please use the button below.